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Atlantisite Palm Stone

Atlantisite Palm Stone

SKU: AL10004

Atlantisite combines the earthly powers of Serpentine, with the loving and compassionate energies of Stichtite. Both Serpentine and Stichtite stimulate kundalini energy and link the crown and heart chakras together. The Serpentine works to emanate healing vibrations from the heart, and awaken dormant energies that have been at rest for way too long. The Stichtite, like Sugilite, promotes energies of protection from any negativity that we may come in contact with. While the crown and heart chakras become linked together with this stone, you will begin to see a more compassionate and understanding side of you come out. Stichtite allows us (even anyone who is thick-headed) to see the other person’s point of view in a disagreement, while also offering up some kind of forgiveness so that you may grow from that same situation.

If you come in contact with more than 1 piece of Atlantisite, it's recommended to meditate with one stone placed on the crown, while the other is over the heart. This combination of minerals over these chakras will allow our minds to become closer to understanding our hearts, and what we must do to offer and expedite healing.


  • Weight

    146g / .32lbs   

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