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Crystal Infusion Water Bottle

Crystal Infusion Water Bottle


Have you heard of Gem Water? Simply put it is water that has taken on the properties of the crystals it has been in proximity too. These 16oz water bottles use the indirect method to infuse the water with the properties from the crystals held in the chamber at the bottom. To create gem water fill with water and let sit overnight. For an extra punch set out in moonlight.


We have 7 options to choose from Red Jasper, Rose Quartz, Moss Agate, Obsidian and Rainbow Flourite.


Amethyst - Peace

Rose Quartz - Love

Clear Quartz - Power House

Obsidian - Grounding

Green Aventurine - Relax

Citrine - Clarity

Tiger Eye - Focus

Moss Agate - Tranqility

Red Jasper - Balance

Rainbow Fluorite - Discernment

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