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Fertiity - Crystal Kit

Fertiity - Crystal Kit

SKU: KIT10009

This kit is designed to help you along your fertility journey. 


The kit includes:



They bring reflective and calming energy by balancing emotions, which is perfect in relieving stress while trying to conceive. It is said they have the power to grant wishes too! These crystals have an inner flow and range from white to gray, often with flashes of blue.



Used to purify, enhance, and activate the heart chakra, It reduces negative energy while encouraging a positive mental state, which is crucial for supporting fertility. It also assists with energy blockages that are triggered by traumatic past experiences. These blockages can contribute to fertility issues.


Rose Quartz

This crystal supports feelings of self-love and self-worth, which are vital when you’re struggling to conceive. Additionally it is recommended for relieving tension or guilt, which may result from infertility issues.



Pyrite is a fertility crystal that benefits the male partner. It is recommended for awakening male energy and increasing potency. It’s the ideal choice for men who are looking to improve their sex drive.



Carnelian is also a wonderful choice for promoting fertility and encouraging sexuality in both men and women. Its energy resonates with the energy center of the reproductive organs, working to dissolve energetic obstructions. Carnelian also increases confidence, which can lead to improved sexual performance and libido.

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