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Love & Relationship - Crystal Kit

Love & Relationship - Crystal Kit

SKU: KIT10008

This kit is designed to help you with love and your relationships. 


The kit includes:


Red Jasper
Red Jasper is reported to increase emotional focus and balance. It is a stone of passion and can be used in sexual relationships to spice things up! It is said to have a powerful effect on the libido of both sexes.


Moonstone symbolizes love, fertility, abundance, renewal, and supports new beginnings. It is considered useful in reconciling estranged lovers, and Indian and European folklore both purported that two people wearing moonstone on a full moon would fall passionately in love!


Rose Quartz

Its known as the gemstone of love, the ultimate stone of all forms of love, from platonic friendships to closer and more passionate relationships. It links directly to the soul and heart, and speaks to these two to remove or dissolve past wounds and hurts.



Amethyst lends a helping hand in getting you prepped to meet your match. Soft purple hues make the Amethyst gem a powerful stone for nurturing self-worth and with more than a pinch of spiritual power, Amethyst can also bring peace and healing. It is an incredible stone to turn to when you are feeling the fierce pain of a recent breakup.


Green Aventurine
Known as the stone of love and luck, Green Aventurine enhances confidence and helps embrace change. Green Aventurine helps with confidence which increases your luck and motivates you to attract new love.

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