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Schalenblende Slab

Schalenblende Slab

SKU: SB10005

Schalenblende is a lead-zinc ore that contains compact layers (once botryoidal) of Galena, Wurtzite, Sphalerite, Pyrite, and Marcasite. Identifying the minerals within a piece are very easy, yellow being Wurtzite, brown being Sphalerite, silver being Galena, and grey and gold being Pyrite and Marcasite.


One will immediately realize the grounding potentials this stone can offer as soon as you feel the weight. With additions of confidence, manifestation, and enhanced personal will, Schalenblende is the ultimate crystal for activating one’s lower three chakras. These open energy portals will aid us in our reconnection to Mother Earth, as well as helping conjure our thoughts and ideas into reality. This unique crystal assists you in crucial decision making that will alter the course of your life path. Schalenblende keeps one’s vision focused on themselves rather than on other peoples’ opinions. 

  • Weight

    94g / 0.21lbs

  • Height

    52mm / 2in

  • Width

    64mm / 2.5in

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