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Smudge Kit

Smudge Kit

SKU: KIT10001

This smudging kit has all you need to begin cleansing and energetically protecting your life. With this kit you can smudge your home, your crystal collection, your car or anywhere that needs an energy rejuvenation. 


This kit is also the perfect Christmas, birthday or just thinking of you gift.


The kit includes:


Turkey Feather
Ethically sourced and sterilized, use this to move the smoke from the smudge stick around the room.


Abalone Shell

Ethically sourced and sterilized, use this to prevent any embers from falling to the ground and putting out smudge stick.


4" White Sage Smudge Stick

White Sage is known for physical healing and protection, environmental purification and aura cleansing.


4" Cedar Smudge Stick

Cedar provides protection, environmental purification and attracts positive energy.


Palo Santo Bundle

A holy wood from South America Palo Santo clears negative energy, Purifies the environment and relaxes mind & body.


Grab yours today before we are sold out!


Note: Items may shift in transit.

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