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Chlorite Quartz Tumbles

Chlorite Quartz Tumbles

SKU: TB10003

This is for one tumbled Chlorite Quartz chosen intuitively with you in mind.


Chlorite Quartz phantoms are said to help ground negative energies and emotions with those of the Earth. Meditating with Chlorite Quartz facilitates a conscious connection with Gaia, and is particularly useful when applied to Earth healing. Chlorite Quartz provides a powerful protective environment, and can be used to prevent psychic attack, and help in space clearing.


Chlorite Quartz can be used to connect with high vibrational energies, and can facilitate connection to healing guides. It is a powerful purifier and can be used to cleans the aura, balance the chakra and align and unblock the meridians.


  • Width

    25-40mm / 1-1.5in

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