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XL Cubic Green Fluorite on Matrix

XL Cubic Green Fluorite on Matrix

SKU: FL10044

This beautiful extra large cubic green Fluorite on matrix makes a statement in any room. Sat a top a custom carved rosewood stand you wont have to worry about this specimen going anywhere.


Because Green Fluorite is such a physically balanced and stable crystal, it is used for balancing and stabilizing the spirit, soul, and body. Green Fluorite is the great harmonizer, making sense out of confusion and helping organize and reframe thoughts. Green Fluorite restores order and also promotes peace in the mind, body, and environment. 


Often referred to as the “genius stone,” Green Fluorite has a strong connection to intelligence and mental aptitude. This stone helps you hear new concepts, ideas, and information and process it with better understanding and retention. 


Green Fluorite’s strong vibration of 6 stimulates brain cells and helps support better concentration, laser focus, and discernment. Users of Green Fluorite keep the crystal near them when they need additional mental clarity, are experiencing a difficult problem, or need guidance. 


If it’s deeper intuition and connection with psychic powers you want, Green Fluorite can also help. Green Fluorite provides a clear channel to the spiritual realm and clears negative energy from the spiritual environment. 


Note: Due to large size and heavy weight shipping at checkout will not be accurate. If interested please send us an email or message on any platform and we can check shipping cost or arrange a local pick up.

  • Width

    305mm / 12in

  • Length

    203mm / 8in

  • Weight

    9.4kg / 21lbs

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